Vision, Purpose & Values

Spreading kindness, one act at a time

What we stand for

The AB Hotels Vision

When AB Hotels looks ahead, we see a world of perfect contentment, that is our Vision. To be as good as it is possible to be and to provide a state of happiness and satisfaction for our guests. To achieve this we strive to spread kindness, one act at a time. Being friendly, generous and considerate, recognising it takes many kind details to provide the best working environment for our teams and the best experience for our guests. 

AB Hotels Core Values therefore are:

  • DRIVE - It's about driving deeper rather than far. Relentlessly, we pursue quality over quantity.
  • SOUL - Our approach will always be generous, authentic and caring - towards one another and to our guests

Our Brand Values say more:


  • DETAIL - When we take pride in every single encounter and touch point, out guests feel delighted. Making the little moments matter most.
  • COMFORT - By caring for guests in a relaxed and familial environment, they really feel at home. Warm, welcoming, homely.
  • EMPATHY - By making special efforts to understand the feelings of our guests, they leave feeling appreciated. Understanding people and their feelings.

Collectively by living our Values daily, we are building a truly different service culture.



Brand Values:

  • INDIVIDUALS - Treating individuals. Cherishing every member or guest for their uniqueness
  • COMMUNITY - Fostering a real sense of belonging
  • WELL-BEING - Delivering the feel good factor every day 



Brand Values:

  • CHARACTER - Honouring our individual identities, caring with character.
  • ENJOYMENT - Delivering enjoyment, creative planning, exceptional execution.
  • ATTENTIVENESS - A conscious consideration to detail.

In the heart of Essex

Five Lakes Resort

Five Lakes Resort is nestled in the middle of 320 acres of impressive parkland, making it one of the best hotels in Essex, UK. Only a short drive away from Colchester, the hotel is the perfect destination for a relaxing getaway. Whether you are planning a weekend away, a round of golf or a business meeting, the hotel stands out with its extensive offering as a great hotel in Essex.

Your country home from home

Sopwell House

Sopwell House is a 4 star hotel located within 12 acres of countryside in St Albans, Hertfordshire. Once you enter this 'home away from home' the attentive staff, family-friendly service and luxurious facilities will provide the perfect setting to your stay.