Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

AB Hotels is committed to a policy of using innovative techniques to reduce energy and emissions whilst sensitively sourcing products and raw materials.
Teams at our individual hotels are there to ensure each venue runs with as little negative impact to the environment as possible. They strive for solutions to enable us to have a more positive environmental impact - looking at ways to reduce our energy consumption, reducing our waste and sourcing greener products.
AB Hotels believe that our green initiatives will help to preserve the environment for our guests, colleagues and team members. We are committed to working in close partnership with the community where we operate, and do our best to lead others by our example.
We are convinced that dedication to the small, but consistent and systematic practices is our contribution to preserving the planet for future generations and therefore we undertake the following:

Waste management and recycling
1 - We organise selective collection of stationery, newspapers and magazines for recycling.                                                                                      
2 - We organise selective collection of cardboard for recycling.                            
3 - We organise selective collection of glass for recycling.
4 - We organise selective collection of printer and photocopier ink cartridges for recycling.                                                                          
5 - We organise selective collection of used frying oils for recycling.                                 
6 - We use recycled paper as a priority.

Technical controls
7 - We control our own energy consumption.
8 - We control our own water consumption.
9 - Our hotel has been declared an asbestos risk-free building.

Architecture and Landscape
10 - We maintain and enhance our hotel's green areas.
11 - We plant at least one tree per year around the hotel.

Awareness and Training
12 - All staff have taken part in a meeting to raise awareness of our environment-friendly policy, at least once in the past year.         
13 - We are partners with an association or local authority in the context of an environmental protection initiative.
14 - We inform our customers of the actions carried out to make our hotel more environment-friendly.